QLD Manager and Wynnum Manly stalwart Glen Crouch was part of the Queensland set

The year is 1974 and Mum and Dad have just parked the car in Castlemaine Street, in preparation to watch the Brisbane Rugby League game of the round at Lang Park.  

We make our way through the turnstiles and walk past the double sellers, over and over again and all you can hear is “tens and twenties you’re on Wynnum in the main game,” as you grab your program and make your way up to the Frank Burke stand.

However, this year the Brisbane Rugby League had something different to offer as you made your way up to the stands, in the way of BRL Player Badges.  There were 13 badges launched for each of the eight clubs and a Queensland and Australian set, a collection of 130 in all.  These badges could be purchased out of a kiosk downstairs, adjacent to the double sellers and front gates.

Supporters of each club would adorn these on their shirts, dresses and hats proudly displaying their favourite player from each club. 

Today these are a collector’s item fetching anywhere between $100 to $200 each.

The thirteen players represented for the Wynnum Manly club are as follows:

1.Bob Patterson, 2.Gordon Haigh, 3.Bob Clapham, 4.John Rhodes, 5.Lester Young, 6.Peter Inskip, 7.Bob Hardie, 8.Ken Churchill, 9.Warren Hodges, 10.Neil Kingston, 11.Doug Kelly, 12.Alan Stebhens and 13.Des Lee

Wynnum Manly Club representative and QRL Team Manager Glen Crouch was part of the Queensland Representatives set.

1974 Wynnum Manly Player Badges from top left: Bob Hardie, John Rhodes, Neil Kingston, Lester Young, Bob Patterson, Peter Inskip, Doug Kelly, Gordon Haigh, Warren Hodges, Alan Stebhens and Bob Clapham.


Story Source: Paul Comber